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Get ready for an Experience of A Lifetime. Stay & Train at a Real Martial Arts Camp

Discover the thrill of Shooting, Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai, Boxing, Yoga, Fitness and Filipino Martial Arts all this and more. While living your dream in a exotic tropical paradise of the Philippines

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Programs, Courses, Activities

Explore the range of programs that suit you

Leisure time at Camp Jansson

Leisure time

Go…Swim, Golf, Horseback riding, Kayaking, Bowling, Hiking, Martial Arts, or just kickback.

Boot Fitness Programs at Camp Jansson

Fitness Programs

Lose Weight, General Fitness, Strength & Conditioning, Cardio, and more

Summer Boot Camp Fitness Program

Boot Camp Program

Need a Challenge, Extreme Fitness, Physical Fitness Qualifier, and more

Amateur Martial Arts Program Courses at Camp Jansson

Amateur Programs

For Beginners, Competitions, Bucketlist, , Adventurers, Need a Challenge, Building Blocks, 1st step to a career

Professional Martial Arts Program at Camp Jansson

Professional Program

For Fine tuning your game, Taking it to the Next Level, Functional Training, All Based on Results.

Yoga Repair & Recovery Program at Camp Jansson

Yoga Programs

Yoga is fantastic for  repair & recovery work from old & new injuries. Excellent for taking you to the next level

Proven weight Loss Programs at Camp Jansson

Weight-Loss Programs

Perfect for fast weight loss. Comes with a nutritious meal program to make it real easy.

Elite Fitness Program at Camp Jansson

Elite Fitness Program

For Athletes, Competitors, Challengers, Sports Adventurer, Personal growth

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Camp Jansson is The World’s Premier Training Camp
for Martial Arts, Self Defense, Fitness and Recreation

Camp Jansson has over 8 martial arts! Such as Muay Thai, MMA, Boxing and more. It’s true¬†Dreams Do Come True!
  • Introducing: One-of-Kind Martial Arts & Fitness Training Camp Where You Rapidly Learn Martial Arts with Live-in Learning
  • This is for Men, Women, Children, Travelers, Adventurers, Martial artists , Practitioners, Professionals, Absolute Beginners, Some with experience, or Anyone who has a passion for learning and living the martial artist lifestyle.
  • Learn Muay Thai, MMA , Filipino Martial Arts, Yoga, Fitness and more at Camp Jansson Martial Arts Training Camp. Sitting in the middle of vast rice fields is an oasis of coconut palms, banana trees, and mango trees.
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Avg. per year=144 hours
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