The Complete Experience

Picture yourself in an Authentic Martial Arts Training Camp; surrounded by a quiet serene jungle where time seems to slow down and all your worries seem to melt away.  Imagine a stress free environment where you can relax, become healthier, and feel better from the inside out; where you can experience a whole new culture, meet new people, and make new friends everyday.  This is Camp Jansson; a place  where you can rediscover yourself.

Set in the rich, beautiful, and tropical country of the Philippines; Camp Jansson is nestled in the center of Luzon inside the Province of Nueva Ecija. Commonly known as the “rice belt” of the Philippines Nueva Ecija you will be exposed to a beautiful and natural country side that features a lush and green landscape as far as the eye can see.

David Jansson’s – Founder and Head Coach of the prestigious OC Muay Thai and Camp Jansson – golden rule puts you at the center of all the action and takes advantage of this beautiful atmosphere to see you excel. Camp Jansson creates an environment that allows you to truly connect with yourself and the rest of the world.

You can hear yourself think; you’re far away from the buzz of the city; there is no rush, no time schedules, no distractions. You are able to tune in to yourself and know exactly what you need and where you need to go next. – David Jansson

You’re number One

From day one you are guided step-by-step by your coaches.  A personalized training program is created for you; whether you’re training Muay Thai; brushing up on your wrestling techniques, or learning to shoot for the first time.

You are always under the watchful eye of the trainers which provide solid technical advice, practical real world application and helpful tips for building an iron clad foundation designed to last you a lifetime.

A Martial Arts Paradise

A Martial Arts paradise built to take your training to a whole new level.  Discover: Muay Thai, MMA, Grappling, Hand to Hand Combat, Weapons Training, Survival Training, Boot Camp fitness Training, Strength and Conditioning, and Yoga; everything you need to soar to the top.

We’re not a “styles” camp, we’re here to provide you with all the tools needed to help you become a better you. We’re here to create an experience that you can’t find anywhere else in the world. -David Jansson

Whether you are just starting out in your Martial Arts journey or are a seasoned veteran to Martial Arts; Camp Jansson is a place where everyone is welcome from all styles and disciplines in a fun, clean, safe, positive learning environment; all with a smile and an open hand.