Over 10 years ago, David Jansson stood in a parking lot with a simple vision.  Create a gym that taught authentic Muay Thai.  Originally opposed to the idea of owning and running his own gym; Jansson was initially reluctant to take to the task; but over the course of those years and even through such apprehension his gym grew to be America’s top Muay Thai gym’s; the famed OC Muay Thai

Jansson’s unique teaching style and his ability to inspire saw his small gym move to the now massive facilities of the Affliction training center in Seal Beach, CA.

Through his dedication and love OC Muay Thai soared to the top and still maintains its reputation on the global scale.

OC Muay Thai not only teaches its students authentic Muay Thai; it offers them an experience that they carry with then years after they first entered its doors.  Each class at OC Muay Thai brings a feeling of unity; where all the trainers as well as the students themselves, work together to one another progress and get better.

Jansson’s vision did not end with OC Muay Thai and his determination brought him to create Camp Jansson.  Camp Jansson brings to same dedication and attention to detail that brought OC Muay Thai to its prestigious level.

What sets Camp Jansson apart from is that it not only offers the same Authentic Muay Thai training; but it also offers wrestling, mixed martial arts, filipino martial arts, shooting, yoga and much, much more.

Jansson has taken his formula and refined it to create an experience that surpasses even that of his famed gym, OC Muay Thai.  He’s taken that formula and set it in an island paradise that is sure to entice travelers from all over the world.