Boot Camp Fitness Camp Jansson

Getting Fit at Camp Jansson

Strength, athleticism and endurance; these are all fundamentals needed to correctly practice martial arts. At Camp Jansson we have dedicated our lives training martial arts and building these attributes in our students. Based on years of results Camp Jansson has devised the best methods to building and maintaining over all fitness.

Our Boot Camp Fitness program compiles all that knowledge and experience into a single exciting, fun, fat-burning class to get you fit and in shape!

The Real Deal

The full package! Camp Jansson is located on an active Military Base; so you get the real deal when it comes to your fitness. We don’t just call ourselves a Boot Camp; we are a Boot Camp! Know the difference, feel the difference, experience the difference with Camp Jansson’s Boot Camp Fitness Program.

Rapid Weight-Loss

Watch the pounds melt off! Regardless of your weight loss goals our Boot Camp Fitness Program is right for you. We implement Cardio Vascular and Anaerobic exercises to get your heart pumping and get your muscles burning! You’ll build strength and increase endurance all while losing weight and having fun!


Have fun while getting in shape! Our Boot Camp Fitness Program keeps you alert and on your toes. There is never a dull moment. We operate at and exciting level and are always there to help you push yourself to the next level and keep you motivated.


With each class you’ll feel the results immediately! Become the you you’ve always wanted to be. Impress your friends and family and find real confidence. Don’t waste your time with pointless exercises or “busy-work”; our classes utilize key exercises and drills that target the most fundamental parts of human motion. Every exercise is 100 percent effective, every drill 100 percent guaranteed.

Boot Camp Fitness

Take your fitness to the next level! Our classes are for beginners and veterans. Think you have what it takes to make it through one of our classes? Challenge yourself and see the amazing results that follow with our Boot Camp Fitness Program.

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