The Camp Jansson Experience, from A-Z

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In order to get fast answers to most (if not all) of your questions about Camp Jansson, we invite you to view all the pages in this section, The Camp Jansson Experience from A to Z. Once you do, you’ll understand why Camp Jansson provides the greatest value and the finest martial arts training experience in the entire industry.

Q: Where is Camp Jansson located?

Camp Jansson is located in the Philippines on the island of Luzon.  Luzon is the largest island in the country and is also the governing center of the Philippines.  The province of Nueva Ecija is where the camp is located on the island; and we make our home at the Fort Magsaysay Military Reservation.

Q:  What should I bring for my visit?

For your visit you’ll want to bring your basic commodities; soap, shampoo, tooth-paste, etc.  Remember the Philippines has a warmer climate then most places so bring comfortable clothes that will keep you cool; hats or ball caps, for a full list what you’ll need visit our page here

Q:  Do I need to speak Tagalog?

English is a mandatory course in schools in the Philippines; as a result many people in the Philippines have a basic understanding of English.  All of our instructional staff also speaks English fluently.  Upon arrival we will teach you some basic Tagalog words to help you communicate with the local people.

Q:  What level of fitness do I need?

Camp Jansson is an all-inclusive camp that accommodates to your needs regardless of skill or fitness level.  You set your own pace and we help to slowly build you from the ground up.  You get step-by-step instruction directly from your coaches to help you reach your goals.  All you need is to get here; we’ll take care of the rest.

Q:  When is the best time to visit Camp Jansson?

There are only three seasons in the Philippines: Hot, Rainy, and Election Season!  The Philippines has a wide range of times when it is best to visit.  The weather is always warm here even when it rains.  Rainy season are usually between the months of May and July; with some rain in August.  He rest of the year you can expect warm sunny weather; perfect for training martial arts.

Q:  Does Camp Jansson accept women and children?

Absolutely!  Everyone is welcome at Camp Jansson.

Q:  Is there a hospital or pharmacy near Camp Jansson?

Camp Jansson is located within the Fort Magsaysay Military Reservation which houses its own hospital and medical facilities just 2 minutes down the road from Camp Jansson.

Q:  What is the currency in the Philippines?

The Philippines uses the Filipino Peso; over the past year the Peso the exchange rate is approximately .40 to the dollar and/or .55 to the euro.

Q:  Where can I do my laundry?

Camp Jansson offers its own laundry service 2-3 times a week which includes pick up and drop off.  It is very important to keep you and your property clean as you will be in contact with other individuals on a daily basis.

Q:  How can I apply for a Visa or a Visa extension?

Camp Jansson offers a Visa service for of its guests.  We take care of the hassle and allow you to focus on your training.  Upon arrival to the Philippines all you will receive a 21 day tourist stamp.  After the 21 days you will have to apply for an extension.  You may apply for a Visa from your home country and depending on which country you are applying from will determine the length of stay.

Q:  Will I be able to compete in the Philippines?

Camp Jansson is based around a strong amateur program and we offer training courses that end with the participant competing in a sanctioned Amateur Competition.  This includes MMA, Muay Thai, Boxing, Filipino Martial Arts and even Amateur Shooting competitions.

Q:  How do I commute from the airport to Camp Jansson?

There are a number of options for commuting to and from Camp Jansson and your airport of arrival.  There are many bus-lines that route to and from busing terminals all across Luzon.  Utilizing these liners is one option.  We recommend you take advantage of our Pick up and Drop off services.  We have all the experience driving the roads and know the fastest routes.  Let us take care of the hassle so you can relax and enjoy the ride.