Firearms training courses, Handgun safety training, and more

Firearms training courses, Handgun safety training, and more


Firearms Training Courses

Camp Jansson is the first and only martial arts camp in the world offers firearms courses has shooting ranges. Camp Jansson houses 3 primary shooting ranges; perfect to suit the needs of all your needs.  We feature a handgun range, medium range, and a rifle range.  Whether you are new to shooting are just want to brush’n up. We also offer a pro shop that offers you all the tools you need to practice safely and without distraction.

Safety First…Always!

Whether beginning or advanced all guest new to Camp Jansson must take our Safety First course.  This course outlines all the basic safety regulations that are enforced at the shooting range.  Our goal is to educate our guests on the proper handling and care thats involved with firearms and firearms safety.

Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Friendly

For the beginner in you we offer more in-debt course for safety and firearms handle on top of our regular “Safety-First” course.  This teaches new students the in’s and out’s of their firearm; firearm care; ammunition; etc.

Our courses cover all aspects of firearm’s and firearm discharges.  Our experts have real world experience and will teach you the practical tactic’s to keep you and your loved ones safe.  Our courses cover the broad spectrum of handling firearms.

Down Range

Our rifle range is the perfect environment for our guests to practice with rifles and long guns.  Along with our range we also offer long-gun courses for beginners and advanced students.  Along with static targets our ranges are fully automated and create moving targets down range.  This gives you the edge in you training and our instructors will guide you every step of firing on moving targets.


Camp Jansson also offers a full stocked Pro-Shop to take care of all your needs while at our range.  Rentals, targets, ammunition, safety equipment, apparel, refreshments; you name it.  Our Pro-Shop is there for your convenience and is always ready to serve you and all of your needs.

Camp Jansson is dedicated to offering the best experience for our guests and we are proud to be the only Martial Arts Camp in the World to offer a shooting range and firearm’s courses.  We believe that the skill required to use a firearm is no different then the knife, or the fist.  Firearm’s is a modern day Martial Art; this is why Camp Jansson offers the complete Martial Arts Experience.

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