NAIA Airport in Manila

NAIA Airport in Manila

Camp Jansson offers a variety of services for its guest and students.  Our services department can help you with all the finer details pertaining to your stay at Camp Jansson; giving you the ability to focus completely on your training.

Airport Pick-up & Drop Off

Commuting to and from the Airport can be done via Jeepney (a kind of taxi) or by bus. These commutes can often be long, uncomfortable, and difficult to arrange without prior experience. Camp Jansson offers both airport pick up and drop off, to and from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila; and Clark International Airport in Angele’s City. This ensures a safe and comfortable commute with no hassles.

Visa Services

Camp Jansson offers visa services for all its guest and students. This Philippines allows for a maximum 21 day stay without a visa. For guest’s looking to stay longer than 21 days our visa services will help you apply for your visa and or visa extensions.

For all international guest traveling to Camp Jansson we suggest not applying for a visa from your home country even if you plan on staying longer the 21 days. The process is much easy here in the Philippines and our services will save you from the wait and potential headaches.

Visa Runs

The Philippines allows a maximum of 6 month stay and requires a visa run thereafter; guests must stay outside of the country for 2 days before reentry; process can be repeated indefinitely. Camp Jansson’s services will help in planning your visa run for those guests that plan to stay longer than 6 months and will ensure a seamless and comfortable visa run.

Tours & Trips

Camp Jansson offers beach trips and tours to the best tourism locations in Luzon. Guests may sign up for planned trips and tours with guest services; tours are not mandatory. Leave all the planning to us so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your experience in the Philippines with Camp Jansson.