MMA training camp accommodations Camp Jansson Martial Arts Training Camp

Guest Accommodations

Your accommodations are walking distance from the training area. The jungle creates the perfect environment for your stay; plants and trees ensure pure, clean air and the location ensures a quite peaceful stay. You’ll be far away from the heavy buzz and pollution of the city creating a carefree environment that allows you the freedom to focus on your training.

Camp Jansson has a number of selections in rooms:

  1. Single Room – 1 double size bed
  2. Couples Room – 2 double size beds
  3. Minor Dorm – 4 double size beds
  4. Large Room – 8 double size beds

All of our rooms are located in a dorm style home which includes a kitchen and a common living room. All rooms include:

  •  Air Conditioning
  •  Single Bathroom and Shower
  •  Sheets and pillow covers
  •  Closet Space
  • Clothes drawers