MMA Training Camp Camp Jansson Martial Arts

Become a Mixed Martial Arts Fighter

Camp Jansson’s Mixed Martial Arts program is headed by the former UFC Lightweight Champion and current ONE FC contender; Jens Pulver.

Coach Pulver is no stranger MMA or Wrestling; he was an NJCAA All-American wrestler and wrestled for Boise State University as an amatuer.  He was also the first UFC Lightweight Champion.

Experience the rush of learning the same MMA moves and techniques that are being used in the cage today. Under the watchful eye of former and current World Champions of the UFC, ONE FC and more.

You are taught striking, defense, take-downs and the multifaceted tools needed to succeed in MMA; It’s a fun and exciting way to learning Mixed Martial Arts


You get direct hands-on training from one of the best athletes in the sport;

The MMA Program begins with a light warm up and stretch to ensure your body is ready for  training; after which Coach Pulver takes the classes and instructs you on the days drills.

Crank up the intensity and start achieving major results. You will be taught the most effective ways to reach your goals faster.

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