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Different Day Same Paradise

[jamiesocial] From Alarm Clocks to Fire Flies The cool breeze that hit the skin on my legs was a relief.  The sun had set some hours ago but the warm rays still seemed to linger through the early evening sky.  I walked the empty roads along the Special Forces Camp grounds. There are no street lights illuminating the night sky or cars rushing through filling the air with static noise.  All you could here were the full sounds of nature; crickets, grasshoppers, cicadas, and the smooth roll of the light breeze I experienced earlier.

How to perform squats correctly

[jamiesocial] How to perform squats correctly is beneficial exercise for gaining strong and powerful legs the squat is an essential exercise that yields high benefits.  Unlike exercises such as the push-up or sit-up where the movement is only really utilized during the execution of said exercise, the squat has a place in a variety of exercises and movements.

Self-Discovery Unlock Your Potential

[jamiesocial] The key that truly unlocks a person’s potential It was an average day in the Philippines at Camp Jansson.  The sun was high and it did well to keep the air warm and moist.  A good day of training lay behind me and the images of the training danced around in my head.  I played loosely with certain details and applied them to different circumstances; adjusting where necessary.  Those same ideas would likely accompany my thoughts for the remainder of the day. I sat down to check my email and noticed David had sent me a link to a video to watch.  I relaxed myself in my seat and trying to shake out the remained jitters before I hit play and began to watch.  A smile came to my face as the video began to play; it was a Muay Thai match, but my smile came more that it was a match between to kids.

Why Eating Fruits Is So Good For Martial Arts

[jamiesocial] Why Fruits are Healthy Fruits are healthy, but over the past few years I have seen a certain misplaced stigma loom over the consumption of fruit.  It was subtle at first where articles would suggest forgoing fruit as a snack before bed.  Over time the subtly turned direct as more and more articles began to suggest limiting the amount of fruit you ate per day.  Then the day came where it was being suggested that fruits should not be consumed at all.  The culprit to this seeming conspiracy against fruit is sugar. Let’s break it down Before I continue any further let’s break down the iffy subject revolved around sugar.  When I say the word “sugar” it’s likely the first images that enter your mind are; white sugar, cookies, soda, chocolate bars, candy, ice cream, and so forth.  To be frank, yes that stuff is bad for you and your health.  Not only is it bad for you; it’s not even food or even derived from food sources. So how did fruits suddenly get tossed into the same boat as soda and candy bars?  I don’t have that answer and frankly I don’t care.  I think we can all agree that it is a bit silly to believe that an apple is just as bad for you as a snickers bar.

Get Real Results from Real Push Ups

[jamiesocial] Growing up I would always watch demos of old kung fu masters or Bruce Lee doing real push ups.  Palm push-ups, knuckles, figure tips, one handed; the works.  As a result I did a good amount of real push ups as a youth just to see if I could what they did in those demos.