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Healthy Snacks for Healthy Living

Like so many people I know; I love snacks.  I love it to the point that I will forgo eating a proper meal for a constant intake of snacks.  Unfortunately snacking tends to have a negative stigma attached to it that involves potato chips, chocolate bars, donuts, and a slurry of other food alternatives that are not the best for our health. Luckily I’ve spent enough time snacking and experimenting to come up with a few great healthy snacks to keep you happily and conscience free.

Camp Jansson in the News by ABS-CBN

[jamiesocial] US Mixed Martial Arts coach sees potential in Pinoys By Dennis Gasgonia, Posted at 06/12/2013 9:22 PM | Updated as of 06/12/2013 9:41 PM MANILA, Philippines – He walks around wearing a crew cut and an easy smile as he mingles with the crowd. He is quick with the hand shake, always open for a chat. If he wasn’t standing around with the guys at the ONE Asia MMA Summit, you wouldn’t think he has anything to do with martial arts. In fact, you would easily mistake David Jansson as a regular tourist.

I never experienced this at the best gyms in manila

[jamiesocial] Camp Jansson is a one of a kind training facility located at a rural area where I get to think, analyze and re-evaluate my entire lifestyle as a fighter and a person. The training at the camp is centered around our development not only as a fighter but also as a human being as we learn good habits and not bad habits.

Long Walk on the Highway

[jamiesocial] Walk and Walk and Walk “I want some fruit.” Kyrstel’s mention of fruit my made my ears perk up. The Philippines has exposed me to a completely new realm of delicious fruits; each one characteristically different but all amazingly sweet and rich. Krystel and I were alone at Camp Jansson and David and Venus had taken the car into town. “Let’s go get some.” I said, already imagining myself sinking teeth into a fresh juicy mango. “Really? Should we walk?” Krystel answered half uncertain and half excited. “Sure why not, the Palengke (open air market) is not that far away.”

Leg Strength Training is crucial for Mixed Martial Arts

[jamiesocial] We are bipedal creatures; one of the only on the planet who move primarily on two legs.  Whether we’re walking, jogging, running, climbing, and yes; even sitting our legs are at the base of every single movement we make.  All movement is derived from our legs in some way; so our stature as a species not only makes us unique but our movements are exclusively relative to that stature.  Whether you are sprinter runner, or long distance runner; a football player or basketball player, all forms of athleticism are founded on the premise of strong legs to your strength training.