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Fight For Peace: Muay Thai, Kickboxing, MMA

[jamiesocial] I walked steadily just ahead of David and Jay-R. We had just entered the doors of the Resorts World Manila Performance Theater. It felt like I was a kid again; walking into a movie theater to watch a movie that I had been anticipating for months prior. The auditorium was a large room easily able to sit hundreds of individuals. On stage was a Medium sized ring with a few rows of seats all around it. I handed my ticket to the usher so he could direct me to our seats; without a word he smiled and pointed toward the seats near the ring on stage.
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ONEFC in Manila press conference


During the ONEFC press conference yesterday in Manila at the Midas hotel. We meet many fantastic people and one of them was “Bro” He is an amazing photographer/blogger and he was nice enough to chat with us and say a few things.

As well he will be visting us sometime soon to give him the tour and expeirnce Camp Jansson from within. Go check out his blog click the link. Thank you Bro see you soon

How to Focus: Fireflies

[jamiesocial] How to Begin We’re tired and training is only half way through when David calls us to the heavy bags. The distinct sound of his voice cuts through the air signaling me to start kneeing the bag.  It is worthless to think about how long you will be doing this for or anything as far as training goes.

Camp Jansson in the News by ABS-CBN

[jamiesocial] US Mixed Martial Arts coach sees potential in Pinoys By Dennis Gasgonia, Posted at 06/12/2013 9:22 PM | Updated as of 06/12/2013 9:41 PM MANILA, Philippines – He walks around wearing a crew cut and an easy smile as he mingles with the crowd. He is quick with the hand shake, always open for a chat. If he wasn’t standing around with the guys at the ONE Asia MMA Summit, you wouldn’t think he has anything to do with martial arts. In fact, you would easily mistake David Jansson as a regular tourist.

Calling all Filipino Fighters

[jamiesocial] Here is your chance Tell your friends, family, and strangers we are on the look out for Philippines Best Filipino Fighters. This is a once in a life-time chance.  This is for a BIG opportunity We are scouting for Filipino Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters. We are putting together a amateur and professional fight team and are looking for these individuals who can join Team Jansson.