It had become somewhat of a past time working with David; not the work itself but the manner in which it was executed. I grew up in California; and like many of those residents I grew up surrounded by people who plan most everything out. They plot, plan, organize and then execute. David on the other hand likes to execute and adapt along the way.

In the beginning it took me a little getting used to; but I was quick to adapt, I had to or else I’d be left behind. I was up to the task, in fact David executed much like the way I used to write and perform music in the past. (That’s right music, I used to write music and I was a Dj for 10 years; go figure) Basically I never really planned anything; I just put all my tools in front of me and started hacking away. You make adjustments as you move along and usually everything turns out pretty good; usually.

The first day of the Camp Jansson Martial Arts Tournament was going to feature boxing. There are 3 b’s in the Philippines; Basketball, Billiards, and Boxing. So we were expecting a packed house and tons of fun.

The day began simply enough; the sun came up, we woke up and then David looked at me and asked; “Okay what do we need to do?” that’s when you know it’s jump while dodging a number of objects on the way down.

We gathered up all of the help we could get; and in the Philippines there are no shortages of individuals willing to lend a hand. We set up our registration table and within minutes we had people interested in joining the Boxing tournament. Shortly after we set up our banners; and began to assemble the boxing ring.

As more and more boxing competitors arrived and the closer we came to finishing assembly of the ring the more disorganized everything seemed to become. I smile now in retrospect. We ran back and forth managing each issue as it arrived and managed to pull off everything just in time (as if keep schedule was really important in the Philippines).

The boxing tournament was an exciting spectacle; and as each match passed more and more people made their way to see what the fuss was all about. The competitors boxed their hearts out and put on a real show for the people of Santa Rosa. They came from all over the province some far and some who lived just down the street of the plaza itself.

The night of the boxing tournament ended on a solemn note as David and I looked at one another and smiled. Thinking back I remember sitting with my teammate West Descovick as he describes David “That’s our great leader, taking off without telling you and expecting you to follow.” We both laugh out loud and I comment back “Adapt or die man.” He smiles saying “Absolutely.”