Imagine what it would be like if you could defend yourself against weapons. Learn to protect yourself against sticks, bolos, knives, bare hands, and more

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Camp Jansson – the premiere Martial Arts Training Camp of the Philippines – is opening its doors for a special event. Camp Jansson is the largest Camp in the Philippines and the first of its kind in the world. It is set to become a staple in the global martial arts community. Camp Jansson strives for excellence and quality in all aspects of its training and education.

This attribute has pushed Camp Jansson to house the world’s most effect hand to hand combat systems all under one roof. Muay Thai, Boxing, Combat Judo, American Wrestling, make up the bulk of the Martial Arts focuses of Camp Jansson. The missing piece of this puzzle is Camp Jansson’s “secret weapon” and that is its focus on Tradition Filipino Martial Arts (FMA).

On December 22nd to 23rd 2012, Camp Jansson will be holding an intimate seminar with its own Master of FMA, Fernando “Bong” Abenir. Abenir, a born Filipino citizen, has dedicated his life to the Traditional Martial Arts of his home country. Learning directly from Grand Masters in the Philippines, Abenir demonstrates a perfect understanding of the “stick and sword” methodology.

Filipino Kali Martial Arts Food Drive

Filipino Kali Martial Arts Food Drive

“The Philippines is a Blade culture. It is a close part of our lives, whether we use it in work or to defend ourselves, the blade is a part of Filipino culture.” Master Bong’s words are spoken with a humble pride of both the knowledge that has been passed to him and his country.

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