For many years I was a club DJ and my dream was to one day sit on stage in front of a massive crowd. Even more important I wanted to help people; and I used music as a way to connect with them. I never got a real chance to fulfill that dream but on March 25th on the final day of the Camp Jansson Martial Arts Tournament I was able to experience it. I wasn’t on stage personally, I was ring side keeping a watchful eye and helping to maintain a smooth show.

All around me, though, was a huge crowd of people; all of whom had come and enjoy the spectacle of the Camp Jansson Martial Arts Tournament. They cheered; stood to their feet, and clapped their hands. Again I wasn’t on stage; but this tournament was a product of our hard work, and too see it blossom into a huge success was just as if not more satisfying.

We had the privilege of putting on many fights that night; with an entire sanctioned kids division as well as an adults division. We saw returning faces from the previous nights of action as well as some new comers who were willing to participate in the wild card matches.
The winners were awarded with medals and cash prizes but the true victory was the show they put on for the people of Santa Rosa. That’s really what it was all about and it was exactly what we were able to accomplish. People were coming from all over just for the chance to fight.

Making dreams come true

Making dreams come true

As the night finished off David and I sat together laughing and joking about the events this evening. We had decided it was a huge success and were already making plans an adjustments for the next possible event. You never stop getting better; you’re always finding new ways to get better or refining what you already have.

That’s what Camp Jansson is all about; getting better and helping others reach their goals. I never made it to the big stage as a DJ but it’s okay because on March 25th at the Camp Jansson Martial Arts tournament; I was able to hear the roar of the crowd and we were helping people realize their dreams.

One day I’ll step in the ring myself, but that is a whole other set of dreams to fulfill, and I know I won’t be stepping in alone.