I walked steadily just ahead of David and Jay-R. We had just entered the doors of the Resorts World Manila Performance Theater. It felt like I was a kid again; walking into a movie theater to watch a movie that I had been anticipating for months prior.

The auditorium was a large room easily able to sit hundreds of individuals. On stage was a Medium sized ring with a few rows of seats all around it. I handed my ticket to the usher so he could direct me to our seats; without a word he smiled and pointed toward the seats near the ring on stage.

Ring Side Seats

We found our selves some prime seats and waited excitedly for the show to being. I took out the program and took a look at what we had in store for us. “Fight For Peace” was the name of the show and we had been personally invited by the great Tony Reyes who was the Event Director this evening.

Ringside seats WBC Muay Thai in Manila

10 Kickboxing & Muay Thai matches and 2 Mixed Martial Arts fights were scheduled for the evening. I read over the program slowly as we waited for the show to begin; despite being so closely involved in martial arts, I haven’t had many chances to watch many live fights in my life. Tonight signaled my first Pro-Kickboxing or Muay Thai event.

Before I was able to finish reading the show began and host began to make his first announcements just before calling for the first couple of competitors to the ring. The next 2 hours was a blur of non-stop action. Fight after fight the competitors come out and put on a show; giving everything they have.

David and I couldn’t help ourselves; we were screaming, and yelling through most every match. When the theater was quiet our voices could be heard from end to end; and as the night drew on the rest of the theater began to follow suit.

Competitors from China, USA, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia, and the Philippines fought that night. The 3 Filipino’s put on an exciting show; and the home town crowd cheered with approval. Ryan Jakiri of the Philippines defeated Kahei Kodera of Japan by tko and Jin Wenhao of China suffered the same fate at the hands of Agustin Delarmino Jr. also of the Philippines.

Show Stopping Finale

The Muay Thai fights were capped off by a Championship bout between Hong Kong’s Bryan To Hang Lam and Australian born Filipino Reinhard Badato.


Fight for Peace WBC Muay Thai Championship in Manila

Fight for Peace WBC Muay Thai Championship in Manila

The Five round match had everyone on the edge of their seats as each competitor stood their ground and exchanged blow after blow. While each individual showed massive heart and stood fearless against their opponent Badato would deservingly walk away with the unanimous decision win over Hang Lam.

The fight for peace was a everything you would expect from a great show; the perfect venue, quality competitors, non-stop action, and beautiful ladies. We were honored to have been invited to see such a great show and in all my years I have never seen a better Muay Thai show that had not a single Thai in it! Over all? A damn good show.