In March 2013 Camp Jansson is welcoming the residents of Santa Rosa and Nueva Ecija for a one of a kind Martial Arts Tournament; featuring exciting bouts in the sport of Boxing, Thai Kickboxing, and Mixed Martial Arts. The events will also be complimented by a stunning demonstration of the Traditional Martial Arts of the Philippines – i.e. Kalis, Eskrima, Arnis and more. The Tournament will be held at the Annual Anihan Festival at the Santa Rosa Plaza.

For the first time in its history the Anihan Festival will be home to Camp Jansson’s Martial Arts Tournament; adding yet another great spectacle to delight the community of Santa Rosa and bring us together in playful competition. The Tournament will feature three different styles each with three different weight divisions. The Winners of each Tournament and Weight-Class will be named the 2013 Santa Rosa Champion and enjoy the spoils of gifts, cash, and the prestigious trophy. Along with a Spectacular Demonstration of Filipino Martial Arts the tournament will also be host to its own raffle featuring more gifts, prizes, and cash giveaways for the spectators of the tournament. Along with the rest of the Anihan Festival; Camp Jansson plans to make the 2013 celebrations one to remember.