Many great things have been happpening at OC Muay Thai. The demand for OC Muay Thai across the globe has kept us very busy.

The reason why guests from all over the world, year after year come to us. From places such as Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Singapore, UK, France, Gernmany, the list goes on. The training results is what makes the difference.

Because the global demand and populairty we have decided to open a All Year Round Outdoor Muay Thai Mixed Martial Arts training camp in Luzon, Philippines.

It’s called Camp Jansson. This is a dream for many here and abroad. Now you have full access to a real martial arts training camp and get real results you have allows looked for.

Imagine a place in a exotic location where all you do is learn about martial arts and yourself. Connecting with the martial art warrior inside you. A place where your dreams become reality.

And there is only one place on earth to do this…Camp Jansson Luzon, Philippines.

Enter your email address you will be informed about our Grand Opening deals. We have limited accomodations. First come first served.

Also our expansion of OC Muay Thai across the globe as well. Affiliates opening up Worldwide very soon.

Stay tuned for more. It’s going to be an amazing ride, Join us.