How to Begin

We’re tired and training is only half way through when David calls us to the heavy bags. The distinct sound of his voice cuts through the air signaling me to start kneeing the bag.  It is worthless to think about how long you will be doing this for or anything as far as training goes.

My body begins to move twisting and thrusting the large knuckle of my knee into the bag.  As each consecutive shot lands my lungs begin to feel the weight of the task and my muscles begin to feel the fatigue.  “We’ve only just started” I say to myself with an attempt to drag myself out of the drudge I was creating.

Staying focused. Dig deep to find it

When the lights went off Davids voice again could be heard cutting through the air like a hot knife through butter “Keep going!” Night had fallen and all the lights were out.  The moon was hidden behind high clouds and the Camp Grounds have little to no street lights.  We were in complete darkness.

All I could hear was my own breath exhaling with exertion with each strike that landed on the heavy bag.  I couldn’t tell if my vision was becoming blurry because I couldn’t see anything and I could feel the intense heat being emitting from my back.  It was like the steam of a hot sauna and the more you moved the hotter it became.

Dig Deep

“Don’t stop, focus, strong body, strong mind.”  David has a way of motivating us the way no other individual could; it was as if he reaches deep down into your unplugs your capacity of fear right out of you.

As great as his abilities were I stumbled; still trying to use my eyes to find my balance I had mistaken a step and my ankle had collapse from it.  The second I stopped moving I immediately felt the weight of the world slam down on my shoulders.  The price you pay for stopping.

Training was far from over so I need to focus in order to keep myself upright and excel at the task.  In the haze of trying to get my body started again a small light cut through darkness of the Jungle I knew stood only a few meters away.  Then another, and another and slowly the fireflies began to appear.

The beauty of the gentle and delicate light touched me down in my soul.  Up until just a few weeks ago; in my 28 years of life I had never seen a firefly with my own eyes.  As I stood skipping my feet in rhythm the little lights flickered off in the distance and some how all the weight seem to disappear.

Finding the Calm in the Storm

“Focus on the fireflies” I whispered to myself.  Immediately after I let out a strong release from my lungs and my voice could be heard throughout the training area.  My knees began to land in succession on the heavy bag as my eyes locked on the twinkle of the fireflies.

I wasn’t certain how long after David turned the lights on and called for us to break and move on to the next portion of training; but i had unknowingly closed my eyes and the fireflies I had been focusing on were the ones hidden begins my eye lids.  When I opened them they were still there dancing in the distance of the night air.  It was as I could see them even with my eyes closed.

Had I been anywhere else in the world; in some closed off gym, even with all the world state of the art equipment, nothing could have kept me moving that night without the support of my Coach and the aid of the fireflies dancing in the night air.  The environment here is truly special and there is no place like it in the world.