By food I mean real food!
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By far the easiest (yes I said easy) diets and exercise plans are those primary geared to maintaining good health. The reason why they are so simple is because they don’t require strict guidelines and can be maintained with ease basically forever. Before I go any further remember that healthy living is a lifelong commitment and seeing results is not an overnight fix. Depending on how healthy you are now it may take more time to achieve your goals, but do not be discouraged. Remember it is your life you are enhancing and the best commitment is one you make to yourself.

So what is a healthy diet? Simple, eat food. By food I mean real food; which cuts out fast food, boxed “food”, candy, chips, soda, all the stuff you already know is bad for you. So what is real food then? Simple, vegetables, fruit, nuts, rice, homemade bread, stuff like that. The best kind of food is food you have to prepare yourself. (I can hear your groans already) See we live our lives on the go so we’ve become detached from our home lives.

We hardly cook and when we do we’re not really cooking just nuking a fast easy meal. When we prepare our own meals then we know exactly what goes into them. The moment you to go to boxed foods to make things more convenient is the moment you are inviting unknown ingredients into your diet. So keep it simple. Also, avoid fried foods. They are very tasty but all fried foods have little beneficial nutrients in them as most of it was burned off during the frying process.

Real food

Real food

And regardless of what anyone tells you, animal fat is not good for you. Meat poses a certain health risk as well. It is not to say that meat is in itself bad for you but that the over consumption of it will lead to certain health issues. Aside from the obvious, heart disease, high blood pressure and many of the other conditions associated with high meat intake, cancer is also a risk. Meat contains high amounts of protein and iron. So much so that most of these nutrients are not processed during digestion and create waste. The overabundance of this waste in our bodies can cause cancer. So reduce your meat intake it will help tremendously in helping you achieve your goals.

Snacking, believe it or not, is a great way to lose weight and maintain good energy throughout the day. The trick is what you snack on. Fruits and nuts are likely your best choice and easiest choice. A few slices of apples and all natural peanut butter are my favorite snack. Peanuts, almonds and walnuts are great snacks as well. Something important to remember is that there is NO bar, mix, and convenient alternative to these snacks.

Regardless of what they say on the package these snacks are not real food. It may say “made with real fruit” or “all natural” but understand even if they are made with real fruit doesn’t mean they weren’t made with other unknown ingredients; and most claims of being “all natural” are just out right false. So avoid the headache, keep it simple. Fruits and nuts, its cheap and easy to maintain and will keep you feeling good all throughout the day.

Exercise is simple for the healthy individual. It could be as simple as a jog in the morning, walking, body weight calisthenics, riding your bike, or yoga. The best part of healthy exercise is that it’s completely at your own pace. You’re not training for a marathon, or trying to become the next gold medalist. So keep it simple and have fun with it! The most important part of exercise is to be consistent with it. Make sure you drink plenty of water before and after you exercise and throughout the day. Just like there is no better substitute for your snacks, hydration is the same. Drink water and plenty of it.

Are there any risks to healthy diets? Absolutely not! Healthy living has nothing but positive benefits for you and your body. You will feel better, live free of chronic illness and enjoy your life much more. Healthier people tend to be happier people because they are happier with themselves.