Found in Bulacan

It’s great to see the vision of Camp Jansson become real. And seeing how everyone response is amazing. Our muay thai student of OC Muay Thai Ryan David is visiting the Philippines and had a Camp Jansson sticker made. It is the 1st edition. Whats incredible it was all done by hand. The sticker was hand cut not done by a computer. of soon to be open Camp Jansson. WOW!!!! Already spotted a Camp Jansson stickers on vehicles in Bulacan. And I dont even have one :)

Ryan wrote:

“1st edition hand cut sticker of soon to be open Camp Jansson. Dave I got one for u. Already spreading the word in LuZon”

Thank you Ryan David and Thank you Philippines!

[gmap fullscreen=1 icon=”star” height=”300px”]Plaridel,Bulacan,Philippines[/gmap]


Here is a map where Ryan is staying and the sticker was spotted. Bulacan is known for lots of things.  Fireworks capital of the Philippines! Leather goods such as shoes, wallets, belts and other great stuff and soon to be building the World’s Largest Sports Dome Stadium seats 55,000 people!

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