No place like it on earth

“Your lifetime experiences dictate who you are or become” – Unknown

Image a place where you can experience that dream you’ve always had. The dream where you are on a tropical island and you eat, sleep, train, and compete in martial arts.

You say to yourself, If there was a place on earth where I can completely and totally immerse myself..Im there!

Guess what? Your in luck

Next evolutionary step …

We are building a place where you will learn martial arts in a real authentic martial arts training camp. It’s a first of its kind. Basically it’s a fantasy island of martial arts.

Out there in the middle of the rice fields is an oasis of coconut trees, banana trees, and mango trees. You just found Camp Jansson, “The World’s Greatest Martial Arts Camp Ever Built”

 What you will learn:

  • Authentic Muay Thai
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • American Style Wrestling
  • Filipino Style Boxing
  • Filipino Martial Arts Escrima, Arnis, Kali
  • Firearms courses
  • Yoga from India
  • Unforgettable Experiences
  • and more

The fastest and easiest way to start learning martial arts is a process I call Total Immersion. This is the process of which you completely immerse yourself into the world of martial arts. Where you eat, sleep, and train as a real martial artist and experience the lifestyle.

Your are taught by First Class Masters & Experts in their fields. You live together, eat together, train together at Camp Jansson. This method of teaching is same system thats been used for generations at muay thai camps all over Asia.

Professional Fighters have been doing it this way for generations. When UFC fighters, Pro Boxers, Wrestlers, etc get ready for competition they make a “camp” which you totally immerse yourself in for 6-8 weeks to get into top peak condition, the best in your life.

Total Immersion process is the best way to learn martial arts in there own setting and still be connected to everyone else at the camp. Your never disconnected from the action and completely focused on your training.

And you live right here at the camp. Just steps away from training. No driving to the gym, just walk over and grab a fresh coconut on your way to training.

In the main training area of Camp Jansson sits a massive Muay Thai Camp with multiple rings, assorted heavy bags, and the sites and sounds of training. Built all around the main area are mini-camps of different disciplines of martial arts such as Mixed Martial Arts, Filipino Martial Arts, Wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, Yoga, and more.

I’ve received quite a few emails regarding the camp. I will try to answer some of those questions.

What will you learn?

You’ll learn some of the most amazing martial arts ever created by man. You’ll be exposed to the top martial arts masters, instructors, trainers. You’ll also learn some amazing weapons skills found only in the Filipino martial arts and how these ancient arts are relevant in today’s world.

Who is the camp for?

The camp is for anyone interested in taking their martial arts skills to the next level or anyone wanting to experience the martial arts for the first time.

Can anyone come?

Yes! Anyone, you all are welcome. It’s not just for people studying the martial arts. It’s for anyone interested in wanting to learn some amazing martial arts skills or wanting to try the martial arts for the very first time.

Do I need any previous martial arts experience?

Absolutely NOT. If you’ve ever been interested in the martial arts but never knew how to get started, then this is for you. This is exactly the thing you need to get you excited about the martial arts. You’ll meet and train with people just like yourself with all types of experience, people that have been involved in the martial arts over a long period of time, all the way through to people that have just started. Either way, its safe to say that you’re not alone and you’ll be looked after.

Do you cater to people of all styles?

Yes… we cater for all styles and disciplines. If you’re currently training in a particular system of martial arts, what you’ll learn over the course of your stay will only enhance what you already know. You’ll be able to adapt what you are taught here and make it fit into your current system with no hassle at all.

Do you cater for beginners?

Yes, absolutely. We are beginner friendly. You are personally walked through everything we teach and given the extra attention to people with little or no experience. You will be with other people who have the same experience and which makes it a much more fun and enjoyable experience.

That’s it for now. Thank you for your time and we will be posting more about the camp and on the progress with a launch date.

Coming soon!

Camp Jansson “World’s Greatest Martial Arts Camp Ever Built”