Nothing is stopping the building of Camp Jansson “The World’s Greatest Martial Arts Camp Ever Built”

Take a look at Camp Jansson Muay Thai & MMA training camp, Philippines

The typhoons have been hitting hard here in the Philippines. But luckily where we are located we are not prone to flooding. We are getting lots and lots of rain.

We have been building the columns for the roof and are erecting them in between the typhoons. It rains for 3-4 days then the building starts and we try to squeeze in as much as you can, keeps you on your toes for sure.

We are getting there  inch by inch, day by day and we keep pushing ahead no matter what happens.

Don’t let your dreams fade away because of things out of your control. Just adjust,  move on,  learn from it and pass it on.

Stay tuned for more

Thank you

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