Performance trainng

How to Repeat Success

[jamiesocial] I have noticed over the years that most professionals in combat sports who win their fights fail to know why. As a result, they cannot be consistently effective. Remember when you had a great day—when everything went well and you did everything right? The next day, your energized and ready to see another great day of training. However, its not working out so well. Your getting caught. Your are being pushed back. Everything you do isnt working. What happened?

So what is a healthy diet?

[jamiesocial] By food I mean real food! Part 2 of 3 By far the easiest (yes I said easy) diets and exercise plans are those primary geared to maintaining good health. The reason why they are so simple is because they don’t require strict guidelines and can be maintained with ease basically forever. Before I go any further remember that healthy living is a lifelong commitment and seeing results is not an overnight fix. Depending on how healthy you are now it may take more time to achieve your goals, but do not be discouraged. Remember it is your life you are enhancing and the best commitment is one you make to yourself.

Are you trying to look like Brad Pitt in Fight Club?

[jamiesocial] You have to ask yourself. What are you looking to gain from your diet and exercise?. We’ve all heard them, low carb diets, all carb diets, low fat diets, antioxidants, and so on and so forth. Sometimes it’s a headache trying to sift through all of these diet plans, opinions, and tips and testimonials on which is the best method to losing weight. There are about as many different diet plans as there are people!