I have noticed over the years that most professionals in combat sports who win their fights fail to know why.

As a result, they cannot be consistently effective. Remember when you had a great day—when everything went well and you did everything right?

The next day, your energized and ready to see another great day of training. However, its not working out so well. Your getting caught. Your are being pushed back. Everything you do isnt working. What happened?

Failure to Repeat Success

If you do not know what you did right, you cannot do it again. Most successful fighters and professionals do not know what they do that makes them successful. They are what is often called “unconscious competents.”

As a result, when things are going well, they have difficulty knowing why. When something works well one day, they cannot repeat it the next time. It also means they cannot teach their skills to others.

Have you ever seen a top fighter coaching only to discover he cannot teach what he knows?

Not knowing why you are successful one day means you may not be able to repeat your success when you need it. Without such proper coaching, whether you are at the gym, competing, your health, work or realationships, success on Tuesday does not increase the chances of success on Wednesday.

The road to success is no accident

The road to success is no accident.

How Recognize Success

In short, the reason for most failures in competing, work or life can be summed up:

1. If there is a problem, you ignore the cues, either because you do not notice or because you do not know what else to do.

2. If there is no problem, you do not know what you did right and cannot repeat it.

3. You dont have a system in place and dont understand how, what, and why its happening

This is the cornerstone of my system that I teach. To help you understand whats going on. To show you how to recognize these cues. To become more aware of yourself and the world you live in. To see more, hear more, and feel more. And be able to apply it in martial arts, work, health, and life.

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