I first heard about Camp Jansson from a friend who then provided me a link to the Camp Jansson facebook page. Upon seeing the photos and reading the blog posts I immediately thought to myself “I have to check this place out!”. A few weeks later I found myself in San Leonardo, Nueva Ecija, breathing the fresh air and receiving a very warm welcome from the Camp Jansson crew.

Shortly upon my arrival I met David and he spoke about his vision and what he intends the camp to be like. From hearing David talk you can tell that he has a very vast insight and knowledge in fighting and martial arts. He struck me as someone who has a very cerebral and intelligent approach to training and building the foundations of a fighter.

After that, the others and I who were there for the fighter tryouts went through an especially intense and grueling training experience that tested our physical and mental durability. Throughout the whole thing, David and Neil kept us motivated with words of encouragement.

“I had a blast. I’m looking forward to coming back and learning more from the people at Camp Jansson.”

Afterwards, we all chilled and relaxed and in the pool. I went home that day feeling exhausted but with a sense of pride for being able to push myself to the limits of my physicality.

A week later I was back for a free FMA seminar the camp was hosting. It was a very wonderful and intense couple of days. Master Bong Abenir and his assistants shared with us a ton of useful and practical techniques for self-defense with the blade.

They imparted us with very valuable techniques and self-defense tips that could be life-saving. Master Bong, his assistants and David kept a watchful eye on us as we drilled and practiced the techniques and corrected us on our mistakes.

Prior to that seminar I have never trained FMA or any weapon-based martial art before and it was truly an eye-opening experience. The seminar gave me a whole new perspective in self-defense and fighting and made me eager to learn and discover more about FMA.

Great times, making new friends and lifetime memories

Great times, making new friends and lifetime memories

Spending time at Camp Jansson has contributed significantly to my ongoing growth as a martial artist. Everyone was nice and helpful. The vibe was very friendly and the camp had a family like atmosphere. We ate together, shared stories with each other and enjoyed the nice surroundings. I had a blast. I’m looking forward to coming back and learning more from the people at Camp Jansson.

Jay-r Bunag