You Get a One-of-Kind

Mixed Martial Arts & Fitness Training Camp experience. Where You Rapidly Learn Martial Arts with Live-in Learning

Learn it, Live it, Train it!

Learn Muay Thai, MMA , FMA, Yoga, Fitness and more at Camp Jansson Martial Arts Training Camp.

Sitting in the middle of vast rice fields is an oasis of coconut palms, banana trees, and mango trees. This is where Camp Jansson, “The World’s Greatest Martial Arts Camp Ever Built” is located. On the tropical island of Luzon, Philippines. You feel the peacefulness its quiet and serene. The perfect place to focus and learn during your stay. And before long you begin to notice this truly is a unique experience and a opportunity of lifetime.

The training courses are versatile , offering a great variety of martial arts such as Muay Thai/Thaiboxing, MMA, FMA-Filipino Martial Arts such as Kali, Eskrima, Arnis, Boxing, Combat Judo, Self-Defense Shooting, Authentic yoga, and more.

Who is this for?

Men, Women, Children, Travelers, Adventurers, Martial artists , Practitioners, Professionals, Absolute Beginners, Some with experience, or Anyone who has a passion for learning and living the martial artist lifestyle.

Just imagine what you will be learning

A martial arts journey that is grounded in results, science & psychology. No matter if you want to learn powerful self-protection skills, useful functionality, or get into remarkable shape this is the place for you.

Everyone has a talent. Find it, and make it yours.

The Intelligent Way To Learning Martial Arts

You Feel Relaxed, But Energized
Everyone is happy to be here. Where the energy is high. And the vibe is fun yet focused. A place where things are learned freely and knowledge is shared. When its time to train, its time to train.

Functional Teaching
More than ever, martial arts teaching must include the mastery of concepts instead of mere memorization and following procedures. This method allows you to remember without trying. A simple but powerful approach.

Travel, Learn, Experience
Imagine a place where you travel to and all the teachers are experts or masters in their specific disciplines. And the guide you thru journey. This is where you eat it, live it, and learn it at warp speed. You soar to the top with Live-in learning.

Hands-On Training
You only need a limited number of natural movements. The real trick is not how many techniques or fancy moves you know. Rather the core essentials, this is the quickest way to learning any martial art.